Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Variety of Projects

I didn't post much in 2009. My mom came to live with us in April and things have been pretty hectic around here since. The blog just fell to the end of the list of To Do's.

But art was still at least higher on the list and, while I wasn't particularly prolific in 2009, I was pleased with the work I did.

I spent more time in my sketchbook, honing my drawing skills, and journaling ideas for fabric projects. I painted a bit and sewed a bit more. While there was lots of discussion on the QuiltArt list about art vs. craft, I have decided to not consider this issue, but to make things that I feel like making. Things don't need to be defined. They just are.

So here are a few projects from November and December, with more to follow in the next few days as I find the pictures on my computer.

Fabric Paint on Black Sweatshirt. Happy Birthday Joel!
Do you know who this is?

Wild Girl Pin.
I made a series of these to use for Teacher Gifts.
This one is holding the cash gift we gave to Sophia's gymnastics coach.

Machine Embroidered Tennis Shoes.
These came from my sketchbook from earlier in the year.
I don't know if I should call this Machine Embroidery or Thread Painting or what.
Whatever it's called, it took me days to finish.
I turned this into a 5 x 7 piece which became
a part of the Fiber Art Fusion holiday gift exchange.

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Jules said...

I am so happy to own my Rebecca Reasons Edwards original! (My spell checker wants to put two b's in your name...) Also, I LOVE the art doll pin.