Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Cleaning

UGH, the messiest space ever!

Ahhhhh, relief. Shelves mounted and everything in it's place.

Some people Spring Clean. I Winter Clean.

After the holiday mess has been put away I look around the house at the piles of unattended-to junk. Kids toys, clothes that have been cleaned out of closets, correspondence, old magazines, unfinished projects, etc. With the promise of a new year and the zest and committment to cleaning it all up, I find it theraputic to go through these piles.

This weekend I focused on my studio. When my mom came to live with us last year, we converted my studio into her bedroom suite. My studio now encompasses an upstairs bedroom, but for the better part of 6 months, it's been a place I've made piles.

One day to clean, one day to organize and put away. Now the project is done and I have the year to mess it up again with creative projects!

A few years ago I started keeping "like things"
together in bins. I put a little sign in the front inside
of the bin so I know what's inside.
Now they are all neatly stored on these shelves.

Fabric is kept in these Closet Maid closet organizers.
I love that I can sort by color and see my stash.
I know, I know, the light will make them fade.
Well what do you think is going to happen when a piece
is hanging on the wall? Duh, it will fade. Fabric fades.

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Christie Cottage said...

It looks great! I am winter cleaning too!

Of course my pipes froze and it flooded my office, so my cleaning involves cutting up the carpet and getting it out of here and the practical solution is a tile floor.

All I can say is thank goodness I invested in all the bplastic tubs! That saved me from having to trash fabric.

Happy quilting!